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The Military Order of the Stars and Bars is a fraternal organization for documented descendants of men who served as commissioned officers in the armed forces of the Confederate States of America or who are descended from members of the Confederate Congress, or any elected or appointed member of the Executive Branch of the Confederate Government. Membership is open to males, aged 12 or older, who are direct or collateral descendants of Confederate Officers who served honorably in the Confederate military, elected or appointed civilian officials of the individual Confederate States, officials of the Confederate National government, and officials of the Five Civilized Tribes that allied with the Confederacy. Its headquarters is in White House, Tennessee. Members may join local chapters as well as state societies or be a national at-large member, with the organization working as a lineage society.

Our History

The Military Order of the Stars and Bars (MOSB) was born in South Carolina on August 30, 1938. The 48th Annual Reunion of the United Confederate Veterans and the 43rd Annual Convention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans met at the Columbia Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina August 30 through September 2, 1938. On August 30, 1938 an organizational meeting was held at 3:00 PM and the Order of the Stars and Bars, as it was known then, was created. The initial membership was composed of 17 former commissioned officers of the Confederate States military and 47 male descendants of Confederate officers. Two South Carolinians, both descendants of Confederate officers, were among the original members of the MOSB. These were Dr. Baylis H. Earle of Greenville and James d'Alvigny McCollough of Honea Path.

In 1976 the organization changed its name to "The Military Order of the Stars & Bars" at the 39th General Convention held in Memphis, Tennessee. They adopted the Confederate battle flag (the square "Southern Cross" incorporated into the second and third National Flags of the Confederate States of America, not to be confused with the "Stars and Bars" adopted as the first national flag) as the official insignia of the order. The leader would be called the commander general of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars.

Today the fraternal Military Order of the Stars and Bars is a non-profit 501(c) 3, non-political educational, historical, patriotic, and heritage group that is dedicated to preserving Southern history. It has added programs to recognize outstanding contributions in the fields of American history, as well as the fine arts that emphasize Southern culture.

It offers college scholarships and awards for the study and communication of Confederate and American history. It awards literary prizes to authors and publishing houses, and recognizes journalists who practice ethical reporting of local and Southern history. It erects monuments to the memory of the CSA soldiers. The organization emphasizes American patriotism and the honoring of all American military veterans of all wars. The order emphasizes family and tradition, and encourages its membership to preserve their family's Confederate history for posterity.

Chapter #261 History

The Colonel Richard Bennett Hubbard Chapter was chartered February 6, 2001, with twelve members. Dale Fowlkes and Bob G. Davidson were the driving forces behind the formation of the Chapter, with Bob acting as Founding Commander. After the chartering of the Chapter, Dale was elected as its first regular Commander, followed by Larry McClellan, Charles Hayes, Dan Horton and Dr. Tom Clinkscales. Officers for 2011-2015 are Commander Dr. Tom Clinkscales, Lt. Commander Dan Horton, Adjutant John Haynes. The Charter Meeting was held at the Potpourri House in Tyler, Texas, with Past Commander General Edward Cailleteau of New Orleans, Louisiana and Texas Division Commander Walter Nass of Houston Texas acting as the Chartering Officers.

The Hubbard Chapter acts in close concert with the Captain James P. Douglas Camp #124 of Sons of Confederate Veterans, Mollie Moore Davis Chapter #217 of United Daughters of the Confederacy and Emma Sansom Chapter #31 of the Order of Confederate Rose, also centered in Tyler. Four of the Chapter's Charter members are former Commanders of the Captain James P. Douglas SCV Camp.

Members of the Hubbard Chapter help promote Southern history in numerous ways. Each year on Heritage Day at the Goodman Museum, MOSB members man tables, pass out literature about the War Between the States, and promote respect for Southern heritage. Members give programs at area schools; participate in battery reenactments; participate in marker dedications. Our Chapter sponsors a Lee-Jackson dinner each January.

Some facts give special pride: Dale Fowlkes is Past Texas Society Commander and Past ATM Commander, and has been awarded the prestigious Silver Chalice. Bob Davidson has been Texas Society Chief of Staff for fifteen years, and Texas Society Editor-Publisher for twelve years.


Charter Members

Thomas S. McCall
H. Patrick Porter
John D. Haynes
Waymon Larry McCellan
Carl D. McClung
Bob G. Davidson (Deceased)
Hugh Dale Fowlkes (Deceased)
Marvin Don Majors
Leland Carter
James E. Rheudasil (Deceased)
Joe Parker Harris (Deceased)
Andrew Wayne Jones