Hood's Texas Brigade Flag     Hood's Texas Brigade Association, Re-Activated



Texas Civil War Battlefield Monuments in Cooperation with the Texas Historical Commission

  • Hood's Texas Brigade at Gaines' Mill, a Texas Civil War Battlefield Monument (HTBAR raised total funds for monument in 2012).
  • Monument (HTBAR raised total funds for monument in 2012)
  • Hood's Texas Brigade at 2nd Manassas, a Texas Civil War Battlefield Monument (made significant financial contribution in 2012)
  • Financial Support of Winchester, Virginia Monument to Hood's Brigade, a project of Texas Division, Children of the Confederacy (2011).
  • Re-dedication in 2010 of the Hood's Texas Brigade Monument on the Capitol Grounds, Austin, Texas, commemorating its Centennial.
  • NEW: We are working toward recognizing the graves of the nine 1865 Gold Star Recipients of Hood's Texas Brigade, participating in 2016 in  the dedication of a monument to one of the six, Jacob Hemphill, Co. H, 5th Texas Infantry.
  • The Gaines' Mill Monument Dedication, May 19, 2012, near Mechanicsville, Virginia. The event represented a joint effort between Hood's Texas Brigade Association, Re-activated, the Texas Historical Commission, and the Richmond Battlefields Association.
  • In January, 1865, nine members of the Texas Brigade were chosen by their fellow soldiers to receive an award as the bravest men of the brigade. The awards were gold stars sent to the brigade by an unidentified Texas lady and presented to the nine men by brigade commander, Col. Frederick S. Bass, acting upon the orders of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Each regiment received two stars, except for the Fourth Texas, which received three." (Background from Hood's Texas Brigade: A Compendium, by Harold B. Simpson, pg. 561)
  • A cenotaph about 4' tall, in the shape of a wide obelisk, with the names of the men and their regiments engraved on the sides has been envisioned. Since there are four units represented, each of the four sides of the obelisk would represent a single unit. The Texas flag would be engraved on the monument; a star, representing their service; and the battle honors of the brigade placed in a space below the names of the men. After completion of the design, bids for constructing and erecting it will be taken. Funds will then be needed for the costs.