Hood's Texas Brigade Flag     Hood's Texas Brigade Association, Re-Activated


The Original Hood's
Texas Brigade Association

John Bell HoodThe Hood's Texas Brigade Association was founded in 1872 by surviving members of Hood's Texas Brigade of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. It existed until the final meeting, attended by only two veterans, in 1933. The Hood's Texas Brigade Association was then dissolved, but later reactivated in 1966 as a descendents organization.

The mission of the Hood's Texas Brigade Association is to honor and perpetuate the memory of the members of Hood's Texas Brigade. Activities include locating graves of Hood's Texas Brigade veterans and placing markers where necessary; maintaining and repairing graves and markers of Hood's Texas Brigade veterans; holding periodic meetings, conferences and/or tours; researching, composing and archiving biographies of all members of Hood's Texas Brigade; creating and perpetuating scholarships and internships at the Confederate Research Center at Hill College, Hillsboro, Texas; and other activities that educate the public on the honorable legacy of Hood's Texas Brigade and its members.

(The Texas State Historical Association)