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Initiation of new Member

Bringing a new member into the Military Order of the Stars and Bars is an important event, one that should be conducted in such manner as to create a lasting, favorable impression of our organization. The initiation ritual may be used during regular meetings or, should the chapter prefer, reserved for special meetings at which time several new members may be formally brought into the MOS&B.

A new member has lots of questions and is eager to become part of the chapter. Don’t let him lose interest by not giving him lots of information and making him feel part of the group. Make sure he knows how to contact you and when the next meeting is.

The following will help you to give the proper welcome to the new member.

* Initiation of New Member Movie
  Watch The Swearing in of a new Member Training Video
* Step by Step Suggestions
  Step by Step suggestions for a Chapter Swearing In Ceremony
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