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The Cival War

BROWN, Albert Gallatin Unknown Company E, 55th Alabama Regiment, Buford's Brigade, Loring's Division, Polk's Corps, CSA
CAMPBELL, Carrol Private Company C, 23rd Infantry, Bedford County, Tennessee, CSA
CAMPBELL, Greenberry 2nd Lieutenant Company K, 41st Infantry, Lincoln County, Tennessee, CSA
DAVIS, Gilbert Private Company G, 4th Regiment (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry, CSA
DUKES, Henry Private Company I, 61st Alabama Infantry, CSA
REYNOLDS, Arthur Campbell Sergeant Company D, 9th (Young's) Texas Infantry, Maxey's Regiment, CSA
REYNOLDS, Benjamin Franklin Unknown 1st Frontier Dist., Texas State Troops, CSA
REYNOLDS, David Richard 1st Lieutenant Company D, 9th (Young's) Texas Infantry, Maxey's Regiment, CSA
REYNOLDS, Dennis Wells Captain Company C, Missouri Volunteers, CSA
  Enlisted 3-11-1862 at Pocahontas Arkansas - Private, Co. C, Missouri Volunteers--in 1863 he is listed as a Captain in Co. G. Whites Regt.
REYNOLDS, Hugh Unknown 14th Arkansas Confederate Infantry, CSA
REYNOLDS, Wilson Unknown Company F, 50th Illinois Volunteers, USA
WELLBORN, George W. Private Company G, 4th Regiment, (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry, CSA
WELLBORN, James Lafayette Private Company G, 4th Regiment, (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry, CSA
WELLBORN, William Starnes Corporal Company G & B, 4th Regiment, (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry, CSA


Other Reynolds' in the Civil War

REYNOLDS, Allen   Co. H., 24th Infantry, Mississippi Volunteers, CSA
  Allen Reynolds was born in 1832. He was a Confederate soldier and a member of Co. H.,24th infantry, Mississippi Volunteers. He died as a soldier in 1863 and was buried in Myrtle hill cemetery Rome, George. Allen Reynolds married Martha Whittington from Jefferson County, Alabama. Martha was born March 5, 1837 the daughter of Wilburn Whittington and Mary Goolsby. Allen and Martha had two sons Jacob Allen born April 1862 and John Francis born December 2, 1859. The sons were born in Tippah County, Mississippi. Martha and the two sons moved to Van Zant County ,Texas in 1873. Martha later married Mr. Harrington whom I have no history. There was also a daughter of Martha's, Mary Sanders whom I have no history. Martha Whittington Reynolds Harrington died October 24, 1922 and is buried in Liberty Cemetery on FM2339 about 5 miles west of Callender Lake in Van Zant County.
REYNOLDS, Andrew Jackson Unknown Company D, 27th Regiment Georgia Infantry
  Andrew Jackson Reynolds (Aug. 4, 1842 - Feb. 9, 1900) of Hall County Georgia enlisted in Company D, 27th Regiment Georgia Infantry from Spalding County Georgia; wounded by a cannonball near Richmond, VA which resulted in the amputation of a leg. Survived the war and became a Baptist minister in Gainesville, Georgia.
REYNOLDS, Alexander Welch Brigadier General Hardee's Corp, CSA
REYNOLDS, Andrew M.   Company G, 89th Illinois Volunteers, USA
  Andrew was a resident of Knox County, IL when he enlisted. He was killed in the battle of Picketts Mill, Georgia on May 27, 1864.
REYNOLDS, Arthur Meador Private Company D, 28th Mississippi Regtiment, CSA
REYNOLDS, Benoni Orrin, II Surgeon General Third Wisconsin Cavalry, USA
  Benoni Orrin Reynolds II was captured by the Confederates in Missouri. He escaped later and returned to his practice of medicine in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He was born in Sempronius County, New York and was the grandson of Benony Reynolds, a Revolutionary soldier, buried in South Onondaga Cemetery in New York. His parents were John and Nancy Hayes Reynolds, also buried at South Onondaga.. (John was a veteran of the War of 1812).
REYNOLDS, Charles Carroll Private Co K, 57th Regiment, IN Foot Soldiers (Infantry), USA
  Brother to Nathaniel (above). Discharged 10 July 1863 at Hillsboro, TN as a Cpl.
REYNOLDS, Charles Jasper Private Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles  Company C, CSA
REYNOLDS, Cumberland C. Private Cobb's Cavalry, GA, CSA
REYNOLDS, Daniel Private Co. G, 16th Regt, PA Cavalry, USA
  Daniel (who had no middle name) resided in Fayette Co., Penn. Daniel is buried in Dawson Cem. in Fayette Co., Penn. Was wounded defending the Post Office in Dunbar, Penna. and lost the battle at the ending of the war. He one of the first to enlist on September 15,1862. Daniel fought at Gettysburg and is on the wall of names there.
REYNOLDS, Daniel Harris Brigadier General   Unknown, CSA
REYNOLDS, David J. Private 4th Kentucky Infrantry, 13th Union Army
  Captured at Newnan, Ga, 7/30/1864. He survived Andersonville Military Prison.
REYNOLDS, George Private Cherokee Rifles  Company C, CSA
REYNOLDS, Gideon Private Cherokee Rifles  Company C, CSA
REYNOLDS, Granville H. Captain Co. I, 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, USA
REYNOLDS, Isaac Abraham Private Company I, 10th Arkansas Infantry, CSA
REYNOLDS, Jacob Welcome Corporal Co. G. 103rd Regiment of the Illinois Infantry Volunteers, USA
REYNOLDS, James Byrd Private Company D, 25th Alabama Infantry
  From St. Clair County, Alabama - Captured at Resaca, Georgia on May 16, 1864 sent to Prison Camp in Alton, Illinois. Released on oath May 23rd, 1864.
REYNOLDS, James R. Unknown Company K, 19th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Blue Ridge Rifles, CSA
REYNOLDS, Jno. (sic)   Co. F, 54th KY. Mtd. Inf., USA
REYNOLDS, John B. Unknown Company D, 27th Georgia Volunteers
  1838 – April 5, 1862 of Hall County Georgia; died of typhoid in a military hospital in Richmond, VA.
REYNOLDS, John E. Private Co. G, 103rd Illinois Infantry, USA
REYNOLDS, John Fulton Major General First Corps of the Army of the Potomac, USA
REYNOLDS, John Madison Corporal 16th Louisiana Infantry, CSA
  He joined in 1861 as a private and was discharged as a corporal in 1865.  He was wounded and in the hospital in Greenville Al.
REYNOLDS, John Thomas Captain 64th North Carolina Infantry, CSA
REYNOLDS, Joseph Jones Major General Chief of Staff for Gen George Thomas, USA
REYNOLDS, Nathaniel M. Private Co. B, 30th Regiment IN Volunteers, USA
  From Kosciusko Co, In. Killed Battle of Stone River, TN. Buried in National Cemetery at Murfreesboro, TV. Grave #2712
REYNOLDS, Patrick Henry Private Co. C, Wisconsin 6th Infantry, USA
REYNOLDS, Reuben Arthur Private Company I, 3rd Georgia Reserves Infantry at Bainbridge, GA, CSA
REYNOLDS, Samuel W. Private Company D, 25th Alabama Infantry
  From St. Clair County, Alabama - Captured at Resaca, Georgia on May 16, 1864 sent to Alton, Illinois. Died July 24th, 1864 of malaria.
REYNOLDS, Samuel Walter Captain US Volunteers, USA
REYNOLDS, Stephen Private Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles  Company C, CSA
REYNOLDS, Stephen N. Private Co. K, 39th Kentucky Infantry, USA
REYNOLDS, Thomas J.   Co. K, 112th Regt. Ill. Inf., USA
  In 1861, at call of "Father Abraham" for troops to defend the Commonwealth he shoulder the musket and donned the blue. He enlisted in the 112th Regt. Ill. Inf. Co. K and served his country faithfully for three long years.
REYNOLDS, William James, Sr. Private Lee Ross's Company D of the 51st Virginia Infantry
REYNOLDS, William R. P. Private 11th Arkansas Infantry, CSA
  Died in Camp Douglas Prison as POW in 1862.
REYNOLDS, William Henry Private Co. K, 39th Kentucky Infantry, USA
REYNOLDS, Abraham Bishop Captain Company A, 123rd New York infantry

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