Order of the Eastern Star Pittsburg Chapter #381, Pittsburg, Texas, Order of the Eastern Star


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Chapter Courtesies

Officers will inform the Worthy Matron ahead of time if they know they will be unable to attend a Stated Meeting.

The Conductress will arrive early to get a list of names and titles of guests for introductions for her and the Worthy Matron.

Members wear their name badges at all OES functions. All members shall extend all courtesies to visitors.

The Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron escort their guests to the dining hall immediately after the Closing Ceremony and retiring drill or adjournment.

Officers put away their station emblems, furniture and decorations. Conductress and Associate Conductress clear the altar.

All members inform the Worthy Matron of a death in the OES family. A Big Sister or Big Brother is assigned to a new member and shall be prepared to help the new member learn about OES.

Upon election, the Chapter will pay to the Worthy Matron-elect, the sum of $200.00 to cover expenses related to her year in the East, including gifts for speakers. The Deputy Grand Matron's love gift will be provided by the Chapter.

The Chapter will give $200.00 each to the Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron for Grand Chapter expenses. If they are unable to attend, the appointed Chapter Representative may receive the expense money. No one person shall receive more than $200.00.

The newly elected Conductresses and two Past Matrons will be in charge of refreshments for Installation of Officers.

The Jr. Past Matron and Patron are responsible for the Christmas gifts for the Worthy Matron and the Worthy Patron and the Gift of Appreciation to the outgoing Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron, with contributions from all members.

All members be mindful of your obligation and do everything within your power to make it a pleasant and successful year for your Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron. The outgoing Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron are allowed a $35.00 allowance for a Past Matron or Past Patron pin.

The second term is recognized with a $35.00 love gift.

The birthday box money will be given to the Worthy Matron to be used for the good of the Chapter. The Silver Drill is to be used for Petty Cash, kept by the Treasurer, unless voted to be sent for a special offering by the Chapter.