Order of the Eastern Star Pittsburg Chapter #381, Pittsburg, Texas, Order of the Eastern Star


Humming Bird

Worthy Matron's Committees

First named will serve as Chairman.

Welcoming: Joanne Floyd and Sybil Walton
       Chair will be sure the board at the entrance is prepared and all guests are personally welcomed.

Installation: Diann Norton, Carole McGee, Gina King, Cathy Zachry
       Meet with Worthy Matron Elect and plan food/decoration aspects of Installation

Scholarship: Diann Norton, Joe Reynolds, Martha McGuire
       Determine sources for scholarship applicants, coordinate with these sources to receive applications, review applications and submit recommendations for scholarship recipients to Chapter for vote.

Auditing: Bill Guy, Joanne Floyd, Clay Slaughter
       Audit Chapter's books and records made available by Secretary and Treasurer per Code of Laws Articles 267 Section, 234d and 235b.

Budget: Bill Guy, Deb Abernathy, Cathy Zachry, Joanne Floyd
       Plan and monitor Chapter budget.

Examining: Keesie Reynolds, Ronnie Stegman, Carol McGee
       Examine visitors who cannot be vouched for per Ritual p.17, 26-27.

By Laws: Michelle Stegman, Gina King, Carole McGee
       Constitution Article XII, Section 5, subdivision b and Code of Laws, Chapter 11, Articles 264, 265, and 266 - By Laws of Subordinate Chapters.

Communication: Diann Norton, emails; Cathy Zachry, cards; Martha McGuire, phone
       Responsible for informative and/or sick & distressed emails, phone calls and cards to Chapter members.

Benevolence: Carole McGee, Deb Abernathy, Rex McGee
       Make contact monthly with the shut-ins. Either visit or phone. Notify Communication Team to also phone or send cards from the Chapter as needed. Keep the Worthy Matron apprised of all situations.

Ways & Means Fundraising: Diann Norton, Martha McGuire, Keesie Reynolds, Gina King
       After consultation with the Worthy Matron, recommend needed fundraising activities or events. Each event should have a defined purpose and plan of action. All events should be approved by the Chapter at a regular meeting prior to making any final commitments.

Proficiency: Bill Guy, Carole McGee, Rex McGee
       Assist the membership in learning the work. Prompt as requested by the Worthy Patron. All assistance should be done discreetly and respectfully.

Community Service: Ronnie Stegman, Martha McGuire, Cathy Zachry
       Plan projects for the Worthy Matron.

Refreshments: Chair will decide on the menu and allow the membership to assist. serve and clean up kitchen and dining room with assistance of all members. See Calendar of Events" for Chair.

Set Up: See that furniture and emblems are set up in the Chapter Rom. Place decorations, either those in the closet or your own. See "Calendar of Events" for Chair.

Lodge Committee: The Masons pay us to clean the Lodge each month. Clean bathrooms, hall, stairs, foyer, Chapter Room, kitchen and dining room thoroughly once each month. Each group meeting in the Lodge should clean up after themselves, but check back mid-month to see if additional cleaning is needed. Lett the WP know if supplies are needed or if something needs repair. He will report it to the Lodge.