J and C Family Goat Farm

About Us

My wife and I recently retired, we soon wished for something to occupy our days. After much discussion, we decided to purchase some land to eventually be used for the purpose of raising livestock. Since we had not previously raised livestock we researched rabbits, sheep, goats, and etc. After much deliberation, we settled on Myotonic (fainting goats) goats.

A Myotonic goat, also known as the fainting goat, is a domestic goat whose muscles freeze up roughly ten seconds when the goat gets startled and falls on its side. This is painless to the goat and he or she is conscience through the whole episode. They are extremely friendly and adorable goats. There are many uses for the milk that they produce. You are able to drink the goat's milk, make goat cheese, various butters, soaps, and lotions. Goat meat is very lean and makes a great addition to anyone's diet that is health conscious.

Throughout this journey, I have kept detailed and accurate records to prove that I do not inbreed my goats. When you purchase a goat from J and C Family Goat Farm you can be assured that you are purchasing a true fainting goat.

Most of the pictures, on our website and Facebook page, were taken by our son-in-law, John Nimmo. He is a combat photojournalist in the 4th Combat Camera Squadron and has many years of experience behind a camera.