About Us

The Cypress Basin Genealogical & Historical Society was founded in 1978 and is dedicated to the purpose of promoting awareness of family history and helping people in their genealogical research. The society is a non-profit organization relying on work by volunteers and individual donations to help pay expenses. Persons living in Titus County, Texas as well as those having roots in the county comprise the membership. This chapter takes an active part in the collection of records and helps make them available for public use.

Our projects include collecting historical, death, marriage and birth records of Titus, Morris and Camp Counties families, cemetery indexes, newspaper obituaries, microfilm and much more. We maintain a large library of historical information about Northeast Texas residents and help people from all over the United States trace their county family trees. We also help Titus County residents with their family research and maintain reference materials about tracing ancestors from other states and even other countries. Often visitors find that other people are searching the same families or the same places as themselves. Sharing information and making new friends is a common occurrence at our Genealogical meetings.

At various times during the year the society sponsors special projects and appearances at public events to promote awareness of family history.